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General Alternative Medicine Links

Herb Research Foundation

Nonprofit organization dedicated to researching and providing scientific and proven information on the safety and health benefits of botanicals, particularly Chinese herbal medicine. Emphasis is on making herbal medicine information available for scientists, complementary and conventional doctors, legislators, the herb industry and the public.

This informative site by Dr. Stephen Barrett provides comprehensive nutritional information about nutrition and food safety. In also contains analysis of health claims made by nutrition-related products emphasizing warnings against illegal or inappropriate claims.

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)
This is a factual and reliable site maintained by one of the centers of the National Institutes of Health, specifically to promote and disseminate information regarding complementary medicine. Particularly useful is its two bibliographic databases of CAM information evaluated and selected by the NCCAM for dissemination to the public via the Internet atCAM Citation Index ; as such, NCCAM’s CAM Citation Index provides bibliographic citations of more than 180,000 journal articles describing CAM research studies and their results. This database includes biomedical research information that also is found in the National Library of Medicine’s MEDLINE database. While MEDLINE covers a wide range of biomedical topics, the CAM Citation Index focus specifically on topics of interest to CAM stakeholders. AM Database of CHID; through its Public Information Clearinghouse, the NCCAM maintains the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (AM) Database of the Combined Health Information Database (CHID). The AM Database contains bibliographic summaries of books, journal articles, research reports, audiovisuals, and other materials about CAM. As a single source of information from the Federa Government about a wide range of health topics, CHID is a convenient reference tool for health professionals, patients, and the public.

Rosenthal Center
Although the Center is no longer active, the comprehensive site maintained by a pioneering alternative medicine research center led by Fredi Kronenberg is still up. It is a gateway to resource information on acupuncture, botanical/herbal medicine, chiropractic, homeopathy as well as complementary and alternative treatments for women’s health.



Alternative and Conventional Cancer Care Links’s section on cancer related topics 

is an impressive starting point to explore many commonly asked questions and issues on cancer, both conventional and alternative.

A site maintained by cancer survivor Steve Dunn – this site contains practical guidelines to those who want basic information about cancer, trials, and help regarding how to rationally make treatment choice decisions. Particularly inspiring is the quoted piece from Stephen Jay Gould’s “The Median Isn’t the Message” which offers deep and humane advice about confronting the statistics and finding true hope through reason and understanding. It can also be very helpful to read Stories of other patients on this site and see how they’ve coped with difficult situations.

This federal site provides access to current info on cancer diagnosis and treatment, including the National Cancer Institute’s database on cancer care, a registry of cancer trials worldwide, and directories of physicians and institutions providing cancer care. On the site is also found selected articles from the Journal of National Cancer Institute and entry to CANCERLIT, which provides citations and abstracts from the NCI bibliographic database. Patients and families will find extensive info on cancer screening and prevention, as well as support.

Cancer Treatment Guidelines
This is a collaborative effort of the American Medical Association and the US Dept of Health and Human Services, and the American Association of Health Plans. The site contains practice guidelines and has useful guidelines and decision trees from breast cancer screening and treatment to prostate cancer management.

Cancer URLs
A comprehensive jump-off site for over 1300 sites of cancer info on the net maintained by Simon Cotterill of the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. although alternative treatment sites are not generally included in the resource database maintained here.

Hydrazine Sulfate
This site belonging to the Syracuse Cancer Research Institute provides scientific papers on hydrazine suolfate and also sheds light on the twenty-year controversy. If interested in this topic, the Kathy Keeton Foundation is also a useful site to visit.

Moss Reports
Ralph Moss is noted expert in the area of alternative cancer care and provides a unique service to cancer patients with a personalized review of appropriate and available treatments for specific cancers which a patient can order and use to make rational therapy decisions.

This is the excellent and trusted comprehensive resource site put up by the University of Pennsylvania Cacer Center for cancer patients.

Prostate Pointers
information on diseases of the prostate, with an emphasis on prostate cancer.

Your Cancer Risk
This Washington University site provides visitors with personalized estimates of their cancer risk for the 12 most common types of cancer as well as prevention tips.



Fertility Links

Resolve of New York City
a leading support site with local info on upcoming meetings, practitioners, as well as support groups and as well as extensive links.Brief Intro to Acupuncture and Infertility
A nice brief and very basic introduction by Sandra Tallarico.Chinese Medicine and Assisted Reproductive Techniques for Infertility
A more extensive and professional article by Roger Hirsch OMD Lac on the subject for those who desire a more in-depth understanding of this approach.Tea for Fertility?
A new excerpt reporting on a study that found tea consumption to enhance Article
An useful article on natural remedies that might help you get pregnant.Web-MD Article
An Article on acupuncture & infertility for an interview of Dr. Raymond Chang.Acupuncture for Fertility-Fact or Fancy
Interview with Dr. Raymond Chang in Family Building. Summer 2003 – A Resolve Publication.



Hepatitis C Links

Hepatitis C FAQ
This page maintained by “Peppermint Patti” (?) may be the most extensive (over 150 pages) FAQ collection on the WWW for the condition.

Alternative Therapies for Hepatitis C
A site maintained by the Vancouver Hepatitis Support Group (VHSG) provides detailed background information on hepatitis C as well as its alternative treatment. Included is an extensive section on traditional Chinese herbal treatment for the condition.

Herbal Treatment of Hepatitis C
A detailed academic review published in Hepatology V.30 in 1999 by Drs. Schuppan1, Ji-Dong Jia, Benno Brinkhaus1, and Eckhart G. Hahn of the universities of Erlangen-Nuernberg, Free University of Berlin in Germany. This reviews Chinese herbs, herbal formulae, as well as common Western herbs efficacy against hepatitis C.

MTH-68 and hepatitis C
Dr. L. Csatary of Hungary reports on the use of a non-pathogenic avian virus in successfully treating Hepatitis C.

Traditional Chinese Herbs for Hepatitis C

This page has a brief review by Dr. Batey of the John Hunter Hospital of Australia on a trial they have done using Chinese herbs for hepatitis C. It contains lists of some herbs and formulae that are used for this condition.


Traditional Chinese Medicine Links

Institute for Traditional Medicine
A highly credible site mainted by the Institute of Traditional Medicine, which is an educational non-profit institute directed by respected herbalist Subhuti Dharmananda, a member of our parent institute’s Advisory Board. This site maintains a large catalog of monographs of Chinese medicine treatments for specific conditions, specific Chinese herbs, as well as acupuncture.

An extensive site offering 2302 citations on acupuncture from January 1970 through October 1997, Prepared by Lori J. Klein, M.A.L.S., National Library of Medicine and Alan I. Trachtenberg, M.D., M.P.H., National Institute on Drug Abuse

NCCAM info page on Acupuncture
Good introduction to what acupuncture is about (history, theory, and practice) and what are considered appropriate conditions to be treated by this technique, as well as practical advice on how to find a good acupuncturist.


Tibetan Medicine Links

A periodical published periodically by the International Trust for Traditional Medicine and supported by the Institute of East West Medicine. It contains original articles, reports, book reviews, interviews, and other materials on Indo-Tibetan traditional medicine. Click on “Articles for downloading” to access articles in past volumes.

First International Congress on Tibetan Medicine

This site provides detailed information from the First International Congress on Tibetan medicine which was sponsored in part by the Institute of East West Medicine.

Intro to Tibetan Medicine
This is an official site maintained by the Government of Tibet in exile and contains useful introductory material on Tibetan Medicine, Tibetan Astrology and Horoscope, as well as addresses of reputable Tibetan Medical clinics worldwide.

Tibetan Medicine Home Page
Contains basic discussions on Tibetan healing, Tibetan Medicine’s Spiritual Basis, Resources for study of Tibetan Medicine and a useful section on Tibetan Medicine News.

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Yuthog Foundation for Tibetan Medicine