• Can I continue my chemotherapy or radiation while doing your program?

We generally advise patients to continue their treatment with their primary oncologists, and we will not use supplements that will affect the chemotherapy or radiation.

  • Will you see me if I decided that I will not take chemotherapy?

In such a case you should especially see us so that one can review your alternatives with you. We will review your risks and benefits with you and we will advice you what we believe it to be the best treatment based on evidence but due consideration will be given to you choice, especially if you have carefully weighed your options as well as the risks and benefits involved.

  • Will you give specific dietary advice?

We will provide specific guidelines as to which food groups to avoid and how much and what to consume for your specific condition, but we will not go to the extent of providing a daily menu for you to follow – for that you will need to see a dietitian and/or a food preparer, and we can refer you if necessary.

  • Do you ever refer patients offshore or for such unconventional alternative treatments such as ant-neoplastons?

We have on occasion referred patients abroad for therapy that is not readily available in this country, such as hyperthermia. In general, we can offer most of the therapies found in those clinics or that some of the off-shore and unconventional therapies are unproven, and so we have not been too enthusiastic in referring patients to those places. We do however maintain that we will refer patients to the best treatment available anywhere and have indeed send patients out-of-state for specialized surgeries such as radiofrequency ablation of metastatic liver tumors or even sent a patient as far as Japan for specialized treatment of a rare cancer.

  • How often do cancer patients need to see you?

Depending on their situation and not any more than they need to. If they are stable, they usually see us every 3 months or so, but some patients may need to see us more frequently.

  • Will you send a report to my doctor?

When there is a formal referral or upon patient’s request, we will send a full consultation note with our impressions of the problems as well as recommendations to the treating doctor.

  • Can I call you if I have a question?

You may call after you have seen us if a question pertains to side-effects and dosages of what we prescribed for you, or if there is something that needs to be clarified from our consultative meeting. If you developed a new symptom or your disease has evolved and you have reached a decision-making point, you should make another Appointment to see us again to discuss. If you do not live locally and it is hard for you to follow-up in person, we have email and phone consult programs.

  • Where do I find all the vitamins and supplements you may suggest?

We will provide brand name recommendations and suggest sources although we usually have everything we recommend in stock at the clinic. We encourage you to obtain the supplies wherever convenient to you except for our Chinese herbs which are usually compounded and dispensed at the clinic.

  • Do you do blood tests?

Yes, and we frequently order test such as viral titers, hormone levels, vitamin levels and markers that conventional doctors may not utilize. For such testing we use Quest as well as Bioreference laboratories, and you can have your blood drawn by us as well as by your own doctors or at the laboratory’s drawing stations.

  • If I can’t travel to New York to see you – is there any other way you can help?

Many of our patients are from out-of-state and out of the country, and we prefer that you come in to see us at least for an initial consultation, but if you cannot come in, we would suggest either a record review and recommendations through mail or phone or email consultation.