The following is intended to help you anticipate the financial and insurance aspects of your care. Our staff can answer your specific questions, so please feel free to contact.

We are sensitive to the high cost of medical care in these times and try to give you the best value and quality of service for your services at Meridian. Because of our individualized approach to patient care as well as the alternative nature of our services, we are “Fee-For-Service” and generally considered “Out-of-Network” with respect to our professional fees and as such we do not accept managed care plans nor insurance assignments as payment. Payment due at the time of service is payable in cash, check or with major credit cards, and patients (except Medicare – see below) may seek reimbursement from their insurances individually thereafter.

Dr. Chang’s fee is based on time and effort and is $900 per hour or $450 per half-hour and has been as of 2012. Subsequent follow-up visits are $275-450 for 15-30 minutes, with a $275 minimum. A one-time review of records is $900 (registration form here). Phone, online video and email consultations (registration forms here) will only be available for registered patients who have been seen or had their case reviewed, and the charge will be pro-rated based on the same hourly rate. Video-conference (online via Skype or Facetime) will be charged as in-office visits.  No insurance forms will be provided for mail, phone or virtual video conferences.

Any other service requests: e.g. to coordinate and communicate with family members or other doctors regarding a patient’s care, to call and discuss with insurance or drug companies about medicine coverage, to review test results or clinical trials etc will be subject to charges based on the same pro-rated fee schedule of $450/ half-hour.

Dr. Chang does not participate in Medicare or any insurance plans, but some non-HMO insurances may reimburse a portion of a patient’s visit depending on the patient’s deductible and co-insurance. We will provide a universal HCFA-1500 insurance form for you at the time of visit which you can file with your insurance, but we do not participate in any insurance appeals if your claims are denied.  For specific questions on coverage, please check with the administrator of your insurance plan.

Medicare: Dr. Chang has “opted out” of Medicare.  If you are a Medicare patient and would like to consult him, it is your responsibility to identify yourself as a Medicare patient and sign an acknowledgement contract as required by Medicare, that you realize that Dr. Chang is not participating in Medicare. Please note that Medicare does not accept claim forms for reimbursement of care rendered by physicians who have opted out under any circumstances.

Mail and phone/videophone (Skype or Facetime) consultations as well as e-consultations (N.B. This is generally not covered by insurance, and NO insurance forms will be provided for these services) with Drs. Chang are generally not reimbursable by insurances and no claim form will be provided. For those out-of-state or international patients who require email or phone follow-up, we also have specific retainer plans that may fit your pattern of need as well as minimize your out-of-pocket costs for care.  These fees are also not generally covered by insurances. If interested, download phone, videophone or e-consult registration for terms and charges, or call or email for more info.

Billing for laboratory testing is done by the respective labs and is usually covered. We use Quest and Labcorp laboratories and you may absolutely feel free to request to do your laboratory testing via your in-network physician or use other arrangements or labs and locations more convenient to you to minimize your out-of-pocket costs.

For Tibetan medicine consultation, there is a suggested donation consultation fee of no more than $100 to support the Tibetan Medicine Program of the Institute of East West Medicine. There is no insurance coverage for this and no insurance forms will be provided as this is considered a donation.

For herbs and health supplements, Chinese and Tibetan herbal medicines etc, there is no insurance coverage, and no insurance forms will be provided.

If you have any questions about our fees, please feel free to contact.