We are a unique and alternative medical practice devoted to treatment and healing of complex conditions including cancer, fertility, autoimmune, neurodegenerative, and other refractory medical problems. The practice was founded in 1997 by Dr. Raymond Chang, who currently serves as Medical Director of the clinic, and clinical services are provided by a core of expert practitioners. The clinic is an affiliate of the 501(c)(3) non-profit Institute of East-West Medicine which is advised by a distinguished Board of senior physicians and researchers.

We emphasize a no-nonsense approach to conditions refractory or poorly responsive to conventional medicine. Contrary to the current trend of managed care and protocolized “cafeteria” treatment of patients, Meridian considers each patient individually and customizes a healing program blending conventional and alternative, Eastern as well as Western approaches with the patient’s optimal health and recovery in mind.


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Raymond Chang MD

Hailed by New York Magazine as early as 1999 as one of the “New Healers”Dr. Chang has been interviewed on the Today Show, cited by Reuters, Foxnews, and WebMD for his pioneering ...

Choeying Phuntsok TMD

Phuntsok was born in eastern Tibet where he began classical Tibetan medical studies at Derge Tibetan Medical School in 1976. He subsequently joined the Tibetan community in exile in India and ...

Yu Chen LAc

Chen is a traditionally trained Chinese medicine (TCM) physician skilled in classical pulse and tongue diagnoses as well as herbal prescription and acupuncture. Her area of specialty includes ...

Dr. Thomas Nesselhut

Internationally renowned pioneer in immunotherapy for cancer and cell therapies for regenerative medicine, Nesselhut is our partner from the Institute of Cell Therapy in Germany. He regularly consults in New York together with Chang ...